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The driving force behind Share, Care, Communicate, is Impetus Training Managing Director, Rick Whitehead. (Visit for the full range of services Rick and his colleagues offer)  Rick's personal "mission" has always been to help organisations he works with nurture a culture where all are engaged, feel ownership and PRIDE in what they do and are recognised and valued as key members of a TEAM - with every member of that team having common goals, caring about each other and continuously developing their communicating skills to ..... share, care, communicate


University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing ISMM course at Castleton Youth Hostel in the Peak District  - the ultimate

teambuilding - delegates from 20+ countries getting to know each other to be able to work together on the

year long course see example "twin centre" programme - in Cambridge and then in Castleton

"Every time you try something new you are LIVING...........

......... when you only ever do what you are comfortable with, you are 'surviving' !

Rick Whitehead

And Rick and Cheryl can now claim that people from more that 50 countries worldwide know the catchphrase "share, care, communicateand" - AND WHAT IT MEANS - and can say it out loud in a Liverpool accent! This claim is thanks in no small measure to 12 years working with the ISMM courses - see below.


Cheryl Winter

It's welcome back to Cheryl, who worked with Impetus for 5 years to 2014. She then developed her experience as a Director of a Social Enterprise specialising in neurodiversity before succumbing to Rick's overtures to return. She is a highly experienced coach and group facilitator and is ILM Qualified, NLP Master Practitioner and Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.