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BESPOKE means researched and designed to help you meet YOUR goals, solve YOUR problems and develop YOUR people - delivered WHERE you want WHEN you want, one or more days, half days, or even "guest appearances" at your in-house events. See prices


Illustrated at the foot of each page in this web site are example programmes we have designed and delivered for clients.

"You can't throw money you haven't got at a problem, but you can throw CREATIVITY at it!"

A teasure hunt in pedaloes!

We also tailor-make our research, including How Good Are We At Teamwork? (download example) questionnaires.

For more than 20 years we have been creating activities that are RELEVANT to the objectives of an event AND the job roles of team members - and are FUN! (see photos and agendas). Included in our fees we will also often design and deliver unique activities to meet a client's needs - eg illustrated, “A Treasure Hunt on Land and Water!” on the River Leam, Leamington Spa.


The examples illustrate the range of DIFFERENT clients we have worked with in different markets, sectors, industries and professions - for, when you think about it, who DOESN'T need good teamwork, whatever their business ? !

Our prices always include tailor-making programmes - we don't believe in "off the shelf"

For descriptions of our more popular tasks, see our tasks/DIY section.

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