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"Be optimistic ... your glass is HALF FULL. But remember ... it is ONLY half full !"

Not a "text book", but a very readable 32 page description of how "EASY" it is to create a culture of teamworking and synergy to the  benefit of all. Including the "story of Mary" on her first day at work!

share, care, communicate!

Visualise success - that's it!




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Janus CREATIVE Planning

A 48 page practical guide with case studies, templates and notes on Time Management and Creative and Lateral Thinking. How to visualise immediate success - eg a meeting in 5 minutes time - AND long term creative planning.

Leadership at WORK

68 pages focussing on "the 7 Responsibilities of the Team Leader" (see Leadership) and including chapters on Janus Creative Planning®, Creative Thinking, Motivation, Problem Solving and Experiential LEADERSHIP Profiling.

a little book of Epigrams

£10 each or 6 for £24.00

£10 each or 6 for £36.00

£10 each or 6 for £36.00

£10 each or 6 for £24.00

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