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The 51 epigrams in this (3rd) edition

are all SERIOUS "words of advice"

relevant to business and career.

"Tomorrow might actually be a better time to do it. So by all means put it off !"

We use the book in a variety of ways, depending on the profile of delegates, training objectives and time available, but usually starting with private study, followed by work in 2s or 3s (discussing each other) and then the group dynamic, when people have to bare their souls!

creative positive thinking

managing your comfort zone

developing your true potential

influencing, inspiring and engaging

strategic thinking, creative planning


The Smiles & More and Smile Matters dental surgeries, Wednesday 18 January 2017, Edgeware

See Agenda  The Power of the Smile

"In desperately important and urgent situations SLOW DOWN !"

The advice may not always be straightforward though. Epigrams require people to THINK - what does the above really mean TO ME for example? Does it make me realise that I am always putting things off - or maybe the opposite - that I rush into decisions. THINK ABOUT IT !  And what about this next one as a conundrum?


About it !

"The best way to get someone to do what YOU want is to forget about

what you want and focus 100% on what THEY WANT !"

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