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Janus Creative Planning®

is an aspiration and visualisation technique which can be applied to both strategic goals and everyday challenges to provide creative ideas on WHAT TO DO to achieve way  beyond “normal” aspirations.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Fundraising Team Away Day , "Hopes and Dreams"

Thursday 15th July 2013, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool see agenda

Illustrated below is a Roy Castle teambuilding event. See here for the agenda for one of their half day Janus Creative Planning® workshops the following year

"Keep quiet; always let the other person speak. Then still keep quiet - YOU NEVER KNOW !"


JANUS strategic teambuilding

We can introduce Janus into ANY event. We ask delegates to consider current goals and challenges and work in teams on each others' topics. We then debrief both the quality of their ideas AND their teamwork.

Teambuilding that's all about REAL LIFE!


The 48 page workbook (illustrated - click to expand) is an easy-to-use guide packed with examples and case studies. We issue books on all events where learning Janus for continuous use is an objective and on dedicated Janus workshops, as with the Roy Castle example below.

Build the Team AND Build the Business !

Janus Creative Planning® is the perfect framework around which to structure a management or leadership Awayday or Weekend. The "team scenario" (visualised description of future success) is agreed and worked on throughout.

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