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LEADERSHIP - a triple whammy !

A signature Impetus method is to design exercises/tasks measurable in PROFIT - with a choice of resources at a price and always a strict time limit - thus emulating real life. Our favourite "incentive to participate", both competitively AND co-operatively, is to challenge the group to make ALL delegates "Leadership Millionaires"!

Mölnlycke Health Care developing teamwork between the Marketing and Sales Managers on a 4 day

residential at Great Tower camp site in the Lake District - see Agenda The Million Pound Challenge

Leadership Millionaires

1. Does any group need to Share, Care & Communicate more than a leadership team?

2. Can leaders / managers ever stop developing their leadership skills?

3. AND the group focus is designing creative strategic plans !

And, because we create the tasks, we can ensure the appropriate level of challenge - and test the most relevant skills. And the venue could be a camp site (in a self-catering chalet) in the Lake District (as with Mölnlycke Health Care below) or a luxury hotel, or anything in between - clients choose.

"When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this - YOU HAVEN'T !"

Our speciality is TEAM Leadership, using the model "the 7 Responsibilities of the Team Leader". These are discussed in Rick Whitehead's book, "Leadership at WORK" and summarised on the insides of the cover - see below (click to expand view) and Books

Impetus Leadership Training is designed to challenge and stretch each individual AND develop Teamwork, Leadership and Strategic Plans

On events where objectives include developing Teamworking AND Leadership, we appoint leaders to teams and debrief them using the 7 Responsibilities checklist (as well as debriefing teamworking behaviour and performance)