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Plus vat and agreed costs and expenses

The JobCentrePlus South Tyne and Wear Valley Senior Leadership Team  in "A Teamwork Challenge" see agenda at the Wordsworth Hotel Grasmere

ONE Day - £1,250 for up to 6 delegates - extra delegates £100 each; extra days £750 per day up to 6 delegates, extra £75 per head

HALF Day event - £750 for up to 6 delegates - extra delegates £60 per head

a "Guest Appearance" contribution to an in-house event to deliver one or more tasks - from £750

BESPOKE events delivered by an Impetus Consultant(s) and Tailor-Made to the client's objectives and specification, including as much time as necessary for our research and consultations:

For other activities outside the parameters above, where we might, for example, research and design something exclusive for the client to deliver in house, or deliver a programme of events.

Consultancy Fees £750 per consultant per day

Terms and our GUARANTEE

We invoice 25% of agreed fees/prices on appointment/order and 75% on completion/delivery only IF YOU ARE SATISFIED

"Immediately after any meeting, as you walk away, ask yourself ..... 'if they are talking about me now, WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT ME?' !" 

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Tasks and Books for Sale - for in-house delivery, the clients buys Tasks and Tools adapted to their own specification

Please visit our tasks/DIY pages for details of Tasks for purchase and links through to individual tasks and prices; and visit Books for details and prices of our reference books which can be purchased.