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To help team members get to know each other - and see themselves as OTHERS see them - and ENJOY the process - and learn WHAT TO DO to maximise their effectiveness and fulfilment.

... innovations developed and refined over 20 years

The AXA Commercial team, Horwood House Hotel, Milton Keynes - see Agenda  The Way Forward

Our use of Janus dependis on your Learning Objectives, time available and profile / level of delegates. Visualising and agreeing a Team Scenario is a great way to kick off any teambuilding programme.

"You can't throw money you haven't got at a problem, but you can throw CREATIVITY at it!"

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Teamwork Behaviour Checklist for debriefs

JANUS Creative Planning® - see Janus

Experiential Profiling - see profiling

A little book of epigrams - see epigrams - to help team members help each other identify WHAT TO DO to each reach their true potential.

Teamwork and Leadership Tasks

We have created a large library of exclusive Tasks over the years and are continuously designing new ones, because every group is different. The photo case studies on each page show examples of the more "photogenic" Tasks and see our tasks/DIY pages for details of how tasks can be selected / adapted for eight different Categories of Learning Objectives. These pages also show prices for versions that can be purchased for "Do It Yourself" delivery in-house.

How Good Are We At Teamwork?

To help us really personalise each workshop, we tailor-make a simple, easy to complete questionnaire for all team members to complete ANONYMOUSLY -  download a generic version.

books and guides a range of tasks & exercises Janus Creative Planning Experiential Profiling a little book of epigrams